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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I HEART Vincent D'Onofrio

Just some Vincent D'Onofrio loving for my bffs Ivan and Linda who love him as much as I do. There's just something about the man - it's not only his looks because he's not what you'd consider classically hot - it's more like some kind of aura that surrounds him and affects his whole persona, plus he's a spectacular actor.

The first clip is from a movie called The Velocity of Gary, also starring Selma Hayek and Thomas Jane. Vincent plays a bi-sexual porn star who totally gets busy with both Selma and Thomas.

This is just a collage of Vincent pics and scenes with some lovely music. He's just a haunted-looking man, isn't he?

Ha - he was Thor in Adventures in Babysitting. Wow - he looks so young.

Edgar, in Men In Black, looking for some sugar.

And of course, as Robert Goren, my all-time favourite. It may come as a surprise that even though I'm anti-het, I would have loved for Bobby to end up with Alex if I couldn't have my gay HEA. This is the final scene from Law and Order: Criminal Intent and I think it's beautiful and leaves it open to the viewers to decide the "couple's" fate. In my head, they lived HEA together and in love. :P


  1. Ah, sweet!!!

    He's very carismaic. He's one of my celeb crushes.

    A few seasons back there was an epi where Eames was kidnapped and brutalized and there were some very tender scenes when she was in the hospital and I thought they might be heading in that direction. It never got pursued but I always thought they had amazing chemistry.