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Friday, March 15, 2013

Musical interlude - Great Big Sea

Off to see my second Great Big Sea concert in two nights so I thought I'd share some of their music. They're touring for their 20th anniversary - awesome. Great Canadian Newfy band whose style is hard to define - kitchen party music, jigs, celtic, sea-faring, pop, rock, folk - you name it they've got it. They're high energy and have the best acoustic sound, and when they sing a cappella, they are phenomenal.

Having been to a lot of concerts in my life, they're one of the best bang for your buck gigs - never have an opening band and they sing two one hour sets with a short intermission in between. They are addictive and infectious and live they're a big old comedy show as well as being a must-stand-have-to-dance party. I stood the entire show with the damn crutches last night and I'll do it again tonight - my knee is not thanking me for last night and I'm sure by tomorrow, it won't be talking to me at all (which might be a good thing).

You might recognize Alan Doyle (singer with the long flowing brown hair lol) as Russell Crowe's bff. He's been in Robin Hood, Republic of Doyle (with Russell too) and is in a couple of new Russell movies coming up. Busy guy and one of the best showmen I've ever seen since I have seen him with his solo stuff too. Anyhow, I have to get ready so here's a couple videos spanning the 20 years of Great Big Sea.

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