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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

K-lee Update, beautiful dwarf drawings & prompt table

I've finished my first prompt story in the Hobbit fandom. It's a Kili/Fili - I know, how shocking, right? The prompt I used was "sick" and the story's about 3,200 words - more than I'd planned but those dwarfs can be very bossy when they want to.

Most of the words are pretty angsty and hurt-comforty which is why I picked this table. I like to injure then fix. ;) I haven't posted it yet but will do that to LiveJournal, FanFicion.net and Archive of Our Own that I just registered for.

I've been a little more productive on some of my other stories since I started a couple of dwarf-fics. I think it's fuelling my muse and clearing my head a bit. Plus, I really enjoy writing them. One or more of the prompts will be Thorin/Kili or Thorin/Fili but I'm just not sure which one - angsty though I'm sure. As usual, I'm struggling with a title, and despite it "only" being fan fiction, that sort of thing still matters to me. I have some Aidan/Dean in my head that just won't go away either. Bad K-lee - RPS is bad even though you've read it before. ;) (PS I'm sharing some dwarf-kilt drawings that I'm in love with and stick Scottish-dwarf plot bunnies in my head - click the pics for bigger images)
Found here  -->   http://dwalinroxxx.tumblr.com/tagged/my%20art

I registered for Rainbow Con in Florida next April (2014). It's the first year and involves the smaller pubs. Looking forward to it but a little nervous about the panels because I never think I have anything to offer.

GRL registration is this Saturday, and despite some apprehensions at first, I'm going to try to register for Support Author. There's only 30 spots in that particular category so I might not get in anyhow. I'm not Featured Author material - I have a fair number of books but have only been around for just over a year so I'm definitely not considered established. If I can't get Supporting Author then I'll probably register as a guest. I've really enjoyed the last two years at GRL and I go to see all my friends. This year is an extra squee because Zathyn Priest will be coming, as long as he gets a spot. We've become pretty good friends and I'm dying to hug him in person. :)

I've had a horrible few days with my knee. Back to two crutches and I can barely put any weight on it at all but there's really nothing I can do. Pain killers fuzz my head but the damn thing still hurts. I'm thinking of calling my old God-of-Physio to see if coming in might get me some pain relief. I'm a little pissed off that the so-called Sports Physio guy I waited 6 months to see just left me hanging until after my MRI at the end of September. None of it makes any sense to me. Oh well. Doesn't help to whine.

Another two drawings that give me inspiration and suit my prompt table too.
(from http://twodwarves-oneeagle.tumblr.com/image/44713227664)

The Hobbit comes out on DVD on March 19 and that makes me very excited, despite already seeing it 5 times. ;) I've preordered and apparently there will be a link to get a sneak peek at the next in the series - The Desolation of Smaug - which is due out in December.

(from http://aniorro.tumblr.com/image/44710012458)

I leave you with one of my fave Christian Kane songs (while he was in Kane with Steve Carlson). It has some lovely Leverage images too. By the way, have any of you ever checked out Stage-it? I've seen Steve Carlson, The Life of Riley (twice) and Jason Manns with Misha Collins. It's such an awesome way to hear some smaller bands trying to finance their tours. 
Check it out. http://www.stageit.com

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