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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A new beginning

Hello and welcome to my first blog ever. :)  I've titled this A New Beginning because for me it is.  I've blogged before on LiveJournal and even written a whole lot of slash over there, but now I'm trying to branch out and make a new place for myself.  I hope you'll come along for the ride.

My blog will consist of updates on what I'm doing, how I'm feeling, things in the present, things in the past, things I like, things that piss me off, and more than likely a bunch of whining and ranting on occasion.  I'm currently trying to break into the m/m romance publishing world but as of yet, haven't had the courage to submit anything to be published.  BUT my first foray into the unknown has finally begun.

I'm a member of the m/m romance group on GoodReads and I've recently put myself on the line to actually show people an example of my original writing.  Talk about nerve-wracking and heart attack-inducing.  It's called Hot July Days and here's the premise:  people from the group post a pic and write a letter to an unknown author to have them write a story.  The stories will all go into an anthology at the end.  I've posted a pic before and had the lovely Selah March write me a beautiful story, but low and behold, this time I volunteered to actually write one.  What was I thinking?

The subject is something near and dear to my heart -- being a middle-aged groupie for the past few years -- rock stars.  At the moment I have about 5,600 words written and I'm not quite done - trying to decide if the ending needs a big, gratuitous sex scene or if I can tone it down a bit and still get some steam.  The deadline is June 21st so wish me luck and thanks for stopping by.

PS - if anyone has any suggestions on how to "pretty up" this blog, I'd really appreciate the help. :D


  1. I am glad you are taking that step as an author! You will be wonderful! I can't wait to read your story!

  2. Thank you Lynn - same goes to you. xo