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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christian Kane pic spam #1 - you were warned

As promised and more for myself than anyone else... Christian Kane pic spam. Enjoy. :)
(and yep, there will be more)

Okay, that was fun - at least for me.
Was going to post a couple videos too, but I guess this is long enough.
But I will do it later in the week. J


  1. That was fun for me as well :)

    thank you for this ode to Eliot/Christian *hug*

  2. I'll second that comment--that was lots of fun! My goodness, he's pretty. Sings well, too.

    Don't mind me... I'm gonna toddle back to my NaNo novel now...

  3. *drooling*
    *still drooling*

    erm... I'll get back to you later. Christian hath sparked a plot bunny!
    *grinning and scribbling--okay, typing--madly*