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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm back, books are out and 777 challenge :)

Greetings! I've missed you people. Hopefully I remember how to post again. :) I'm still jet lagged and on some weird half-Canadian-half-Eurpoean sleep schedule but I want to start stepping back into RL again.

Both my new releases are live - Yays! Countdown to Daddies has gotten some great stars and reviews and hopefully once a few people read Lucius' Bite I'll get those, too. Can only hope people like what you write, right? I think that's natural. The sequel to Lucius is already floating in bits and pieces in my head, just need to find some time to put them on the page.

I'm going to do a post on my trip - probably a couple of them since I feel so ADHD at the moment and my focus is worth crap. Hope you don't mind if I put up a couple buyers' links for my books - here they are:

Now for something a little different. I was tagged by my buds Embry Carlysle and Xara X. Xanakas for the 777 challenge. Here's my 7 lines (okay a couple extra) from the 7th paragraph on the 7th page of my current WIP (and they're even clean ;D) (it's totally a WIP so names and everything else could change but here it is)

* * * * *

Xanthos left the tavern without a word, leaving Demetrios sputtering and fuming on the floor as he shoved his way through the crowd of drunken men. He fled to the quiet calm of his room but not before grabbing a bottle of wine from Lykos' parents' great room. It may be the coward's way of handling his feelings, his pain, his frustration, but if drinking deadened him to the stinging bite of truth for just a while it was well worth the lowly title.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lykos waited at the baths for over an hour, finally resigning himself to the fact Xanthos wasn't coming. He splashed some water over his face, attempted to scrub the disappointment and worry from his skin. It had been a mistake to tell Xanthos about his confrontation with Demetrios. He believed his reaction to the incident itself had been justified and had Xanthos heard the rest of what their supposed friend had spoken of, Lykos was sure his beloved would have accepted that he'd done the right thing. He'd tried to ignore the venomous words but his composure had finally cracked with Demetrios' last statement.


  1. Hello and welcome back!

    I hope you had an amazing trip (liked the tat!) and I look forward to your posts and pics about it! But yeah, try and recover from the time zones first!

    I was checking the site while you were away and it looked like all your posts went up when you wanted them to and I tweeted them each time (now that I figured out how - duh!), but it looked like people were coming to the site 'cause there seemed to be a few new posts for the contests, so I thought that was good!

    Cool fangirl moment for me - when you enter MLR Press at Amazon.com's Kindle store, Countdown to Daddies is the second listing that comes up - how cool is that?!?!? I thought it was cool anyway! LOL!!!

    I have both books to read myself, but I've been finishing the RJ Scott Sanctuary series but I'm looking forward to them!

    Take care and we'll talk soon - not sure if I'll be back on today as it's Vicky's Bday today :)