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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six sentence Sunday & Nick Adams

Happy Sunday - I'm a little late I know. I thought I'd give this Six Sentence Sunday thing a shot. So I thought it was appropriate to give you a couple of "sixes" from Lazy Sundays - my free read for Love Is Always Write, plus some pretties for a Sunday afternoon.


Lazy Sundays 1

Watching someone sleep had to rate very high on the stalker scale. It didn't matter if the bedroom belonged to the person doing the watching or that said person was not sneaking around or hiding while they were doing the deed. No, none of that was the issue at all for Scott Weston. It was more the fact he did it every single time Devon stayed over. Since that number was up in the high twenty-something range, stalking had to be involved.

It wasn't like he purposely woke up early to stare at the beautiful, tattooed man who had by some serious stroke of luck become his lover. 

Lazy Sundays 2

He was awoken only a few hours later by a strong hand wrapped around his cock and Devon’s beer-laden breath brushing over his lips. Scott pushed him away, checking to see if Devon was indeed awake before shoving him to his back and straddling his body. He was horny as hell and going by the hardness pressing against his cock, Devon was ready, willing, and able.

Devon grabbed for his dick again, but Scott batted his hand way, circling his fingers around Devon's wrist and hoisting Devon’s right arm above his head. He kneed Devon’s legs apart, and then situated himself between them, pressing down on top of Devon, their groins flush and bodies already squirming with desire. Devon groaned and lifted his head to capture Scott’s mouth and Scott obliged with a hard crush of his lips, sending Devon’s head back into the pillow.


I talked about Priscilla Queen of the Desert in my last post. Fabulous show, talented actors and just the best time ever. 

Nick Adams plays the fun-loving Felicia, and he stole the entire show, at least for me. He had this smile that just lit up everything around him and talk about talented - he danced, sang and joked his way into my heart. Here's some pics of the show and of course Nick. (ahem, lots)
Happy Sunday.

And my favorite one.

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  1. Great job K-lee! Can't wait to read more of Lazy Sundays.

    Love the pictures of Nick Adams, too. What a gorgeous guy!