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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rainbow Snippets. Moonstone - Stone Magic, book 1

Rainbow Snippets - November 5-6 

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This is my first try at this. I'm hoping to keep it up every week.

This is from Moonstone - Stone Magic book 1

~~The decor had a strong resemblance to the magnificent door with the river, but on a much larger scale. It was bright but dark at the same time, the concrete walls enhanced and stimulated by the paintings and artwork scattered haphazardly throughout the room. When Ky finally stepped past Blue, he couldn’t keep himself from dragging a finger over the closest mural by the door.

It was painted directly onto the dark purple wall, a brilliant and almost fluorescent skull as the main focus. It was hard to miss since it had to be three feet across and five feet in height, but, as he inspected it closer, more intricate flourishes and detail came to the light, so to speak.

Within the confines of the amazing blue head were people - small but effervescent people.~~

~ * ~ * ~

Moonstone - Stone Magic, book 1

Ky’s a fighter. Blue’s an artist. But together they are truly magical.
Ky’s fought his way to the boxing championship for the third time, but now the fight of his life isn’t against an opponent in the ring. He’s battling a darkness within himself that he can’t ignore and can’t control. If he fails, everything he’s spent his life working for will be gone, and he can’t see a path to victory. Only a hunch sends him looking for help in the most unusual places.
Blue’s a quiet guy, living for his family and the art of his tattoos. He’s created his shop, Blue’s Dungeon, to be a place for the celebration of art on skin—simple, friendly, and mostly uncomplicated—and Blue likes it that way.
But when Ky shows up in Blue’s tattoo studio, desperately searching for a lifeline, it’s the beginning of something magical for them both…

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