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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Tommy Lee - Rocker edition (NSFW)

Alas my Tattoo Tuesday has now gone the way of the rocker, just like everything else in my blog. But hopefully only for today.

Thomas Lee Bass, AKA Tommy Lee, born October 3, 1962 in Athens, Greece - he's rude, crude and lude, and makes absolutely no apologies for it. He's also hot, cute, sweet and has his hands in several different charities. I loved him on Rock Star Supernova and had some definite slashy thoughts about him and Gilby Clark (GnR), and hey, they picked an awesome Canadian boy as the winner, so what's not to love. I won't talk about his choices in women, although one of them was Canadian, too. I've loved that we have the same middle name and if I married him I'd be K-lee Lee - I could live with that, but probably not so much with the rude, crude and lude part, lol. Anyhow, enjoy some vintage (and mostly naked) Tommy Lee.

Lol - baby Tommy Lee 1983

Hmmm. he must be a grower. :P

Yeah, him and Gilby - I couldn't resist

Told you he could be cute, too. :)

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