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Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's New Release Day for Unwrapped Hearts & there's a Giveaway!

Good morning, everyone, and happy start to the holidays. I began mine with a BANG! 

Today is the release of Unwrapped Hearts - an Unbreak My Heart story, and I've very excited to have another small part of Brett & JT's lives exposed. Lol.

These men are still my favourites to write, and I think most readers know that Brett is my favourite character of all those I've written, too. It's not like I don't love my other boys, but when I wrote Brett, I suffered along with him. You can even say he destroyed me in some ways, but then I put us both back together, kind of like Humpty Dumpty I suppose. Brett is also the character that talks the most inside my head. If he wants something said, he's damn persistent and I love him for it. It doesn't hurt that he's modelled after one of my fave singer/actors, too. ;)

This is the third book in the series starring Brett Taylor and JT Campbell, and it's also the shortest one. It's a small, sweet and fluffy glimpse into Brett & JT's Christmas so I hope y'all like it.  I'll be giving away one ebook copy so make sure you leave your information and a comment below. I'll leave the contest open until Tuesday, December 16 - so it's a quickie. ;) 

Below you will find all the pertinent information. :)



Brett Taylor and JT Campbell have been together for over a year, and Brett is like a little kid when it comes to Christmas morning. He has plans for the two of them to have some quiet time, open gifts, and maybe even share some sweet loving before relatives descend on them for dinner.

Brett has on his Santa hat and his sexy surfer-boy lover right where he wants him, until a certain whirlwind of a pup takes matters into his own hands. Whiz isn’t about to be left out of the Christmas celebration, and he’ll do whatever it takes to demand his daddies’ attention...


Now an excerpt…

…JT cocked his head farther to the side as Brett grazed teeth, then tongue, over the mark he’d sucked into JT’s skin. “I could have helped with the chores.”

“Did all my chores, thank you very much, and I even started the coffee,” Brett said with a nip to JT’s ear.

Truth be told, Brett had been happy to let JT sleep. The morning was crisp and clear when he and Whiz had trotted outside. The kind of morning that didn’t freeze the end of your nose but cold enough to see your breath, and just right for making rare Texas snow hang around long enough to make the trees real pretty-like for Christmas Day.

“Besides,” he said between kisses. “You were a little feisty last night. Thought you might need a little extra shut-eye.”

JT’s chuckle was almost swallowed up into his pillow. He turned his head then, reaching back to pet Brett’s hair again. “Feisty sounds like something Millie would say.”

“You prefer horny?”

“Only if you’re going to do me with that hat on.”

Brett nodded with a laugh. He rubbed slow circles with his tongue and lips down JT’s backbone again, trailing fingers and mouth lower with each rotation. “I’d be much obliged.”

JT writhed against him, head tipping back suddenly. “Did you hear that?”

“What?” Brett asked. He stayed true to his task but listened carefully. “No.”

“Sounded like something fell—where’s Whiz?”

“Oh shit!…”


I was a bit late with deciding to publish this short so it will only be available at my publisher, Amber Quill/Allure, until the new year so you'll have to scoop it up there. They offer it in all ebook formats so if you're worried about getting it onto your Kindle, it should be easy peasy. While you're over there, check out Amber's new website and gift certificates that are now available.

The buy link is here --> Unwrapped Hearts at Amber Quill/Allure AND it's even on sale. :D

Don't forget to comment with your email address - maybe tell me what your fave part of Christmas is - for the giveaway. Happy holidays, everyone.

PS I'm trying a new font colour. Is it better than the white? The problem is I don't know how to change my blog format so I can have a white background. It'd have to have someone do it for me. Ugh. I'm very tech-challenged.


  1. I love the holiday lighting this time of year. The joyous lights on the homes in the various neighborhoods I drive pass on my commute home cheers me up after a long stressful day at work. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

    1. That's my favourite part too. I actually leave some lights up year round, in my bedroom for example. Lol. Can you leave me your email address, please. I forgot to say that in the post. :) Happy holidays.

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, that's a very good thing. I forgot to remind people to leave their email addresses. Would you mind adding it? Happy holidays.

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  4. Mostly, I like just before Christmas, when December starts people look happier and easy-going, like if they can't wait anymore for holidays and vacations and to have a good time with their family and friends while waiting for the end of the year.
    Congrats on the new release, by the way!

    1. Hi Serena. That's a lovely answer. :) Happy holidays to you.

  5. Hi K-lee! Such great news! I am in the mood for a short and sweet Christmas story so I am going to purchase this one right now. No need to count me in for the giveaway. Can't wait to read more Brett and JT. Love those guys. :)

    I love everything about Christmas...the decorations, all the great food (especially the sweets), spending time with family, and of course presents. :D Happy Holidays to you and your family, K-lee. :)

    1. Hi Lisa! I've missed you. I'm so bad at blogging, aren't I? Thank you if you already bought Unwrapped Hearts. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for always being so supportive. Have a great Christmas and happy new year. <3

  6. OMG I love these guys, I can see why they broke you when you were writing the first book, I was destroyed too, but they so belong together!!! Love we get to visit at Christmas with them!!!! So excited!!!

    My favorite thing about Christmas is baking with my daughters!!! Lots of cookies, fudge, breads, candies, Oreo balls, etc. Listening to music and laughing, great times!!!

    Everyone have a fabulous holiday, a Merry Christmas and a spectacular New Year!!!

    1. Hi Amy. Thanks so much for stopping by and wow, you love my boys? That always warms my heart to hear. But they did give me some issues, especially Brett. Hope you enjoy the story and good luck in the giveaway. Happy holidays. :)

  7. And the winner is...Serena! Yay. Thanks everyone for stopping by. I wish you all a fabulous holiday season. Hearts and hugs. :)