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Monday, August 19, 2013

New cover, LHNB story link & give-away!

My Love Has No Boundaries story, Las Palabras de Amor, has been posted in the GoodReads M/M Romance group. Here's the blurb:

"I want you to meet my son…Lucas."

Only eight little words—but with so much impact. Two years ago, Lucas joined the Peace Corps so he'd never have to hear those words. He left so Danilo would be free to start the next phase of his life, and so Lucas could find a fresh perspective on his own.

But now that he's back in town, ready to kick-start his new life, will those eight simple words send Lucas reeling back into the past or smiling hopefully into the future?

It's a free read and you can read it on the group itself or download it in various formats.
Read online               Download              GoodReads

And I'm very happy to finally be able to share the cover for Ali's Intuition - the second book in my Family of Misfits. Release date is September 20 from MLR Press.

I'm hoping to have another post up tomorrow with the links for my book tour for Unbreak My Heart. I'll be making ten stops, plus one on here as well. A give-away is already going on at Stumbling Over Chaos. Go take a look. :)  Unbreak My Heart Give-away


  1. Hi K-lee! I have been following you around on your blog tour and I'm enjoying your posts. :) I have also downloaded Las Palabras de Amor. Can't wait to read it and Unbreak My Heart. So many good stories to read, so little time... :D

    Great cover for Ali's Intuition. :)

  2. Lisa! Hi. Good to see you. I'm glad you've been following my tour - before it started I was so stressed about it but I seem to be sinking into it better now that it's started. :)

    You'll have to tell me what you think of Las Palabras de Amor. it's a little different story than I usually write, or at least it seemed like it in the beginning. I think I made it into my own in the end so I hope you like it.

    Glad you like the cover.